Thai Red Curry


Otherwise known as Ang Mo Thai Red Curry.
Otherwise known as NOT authentic Thai Red Curry.
Otherwise known as All The Veggies in Your Fridge Curry.

Once upon a time I lived in rural Thailand with an amazing host family and taught English at a local public school. I learned a bit of Thai, ate a lot of Thai food, and got bitten by approximately ten thousand mosquitoes.

Some things I learned:
1) Thai kids are the stinkin cutest
2) Papaya salad (my favorite food in the whole entire world) is most delicious when it is pounded in a mortar and pestle attached to a moto at the side of a dirt road with so many chillis it makes you cry tears of happiness and pain
3) Thai food in rural Thailand is very different from Thai food at a Thai restaurant in Seattle

Now, I won’t get into what is authentic and what isn’t authentic, because firstly, I have no idea, and secondly, people can cook whatever they want however they’d like. But this recipe includes two spoonfuls of peanut butter (trust me on this one), which I am 99.9999% positive they do not do in Thailand OR in Thai restaurants around the world, and an absurd amount of vegetables that don’t even grow in Thailand.

Hence the name: Ang Mo Thai Red Curry.

Here’s how you make it.


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