Banana Blueberry Muffins


These muffins are sweet and tart, banana-y and blueberry-y. You would’ve never guessed that from the title, huh?

The ingredients are whole (besides the 1/4 cup of white sugar… if you’re extra hardcore you could even substitute raw sugar), which basically makes these muffins healthy.

We call this breakfast. Because if you have dessert before 9am it’s called breakfast, not dessert.

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Zucchini Carrot Muffins


If I don’t make an easy to-go breakfast for Isaiah to mindlessly grab from the fridge every morning, he will undoubtedly eat egg prata. Don’t get me wrong, I love prata as much as the next person, but it is not a healthy way to start your day every single day. A regular conversation in our house goes like this:

Me: What did you eat for breakfast today?
Isaiah: Something nice.
Me: What nice?
Isaiah: Egg prata

I’m very concerned about his (almost) high blood pressure so I’m always devising secretly healthy breakfasts for him to grab and go. He’s actually pretty hard to please. So I considered it a great success when I made a dozen of these muffins on Sunday and he took two to work every day the following week.

I use for most of my organic fruits and veggies (get $15 off your first purchase if you use my promo code 1DCD33). I find that they have some of the most competitive prices for organic produce in Singapore and, as I work full-time, it’s just so easy to have the veggies delivered to my door. The downside is that it requires some advance meal planning (which stresses me out), and I often end up with week-old fruit & veg in the back of my fridge. Organic zucchini was only $1.99 each, so of course I had to buy 2. But then when they arrived I couldn’t think of anything to do with them until they were nearing the end of their life. I hate food waste. My dear friend Lin had sent me a recipe for zucchini muffins months back, which formed the basis of this recipe.

My Singaporean friends were absolutely horrified at the idea of zucchini in a sweet bread (this led to someone suggesting that if zucchini could go in bread, couldn’t eggplant as well? Um, no. Actually, I just googled it and apparently eggplant bread is a thing. Weird). But trust me on this one. Zucchini carrot bread is amazing. These muffins do well in the fridge for 5 days, heat up beautifully in the microwave, and are fantastic with your morning or afternoon tea.

Ok, let’s start.


Here’s the cast of characters: zucchini, carrot, banana, coconut oil or butter or vegetable oil, pure vanilla extract, brown sugar, baking soda, and whole wheat pasty flour.


Grate zucchini and carrots, mash the banana, mix it in a bowl with all the wet ingredients (eggs, sugar, oil/butter, vanilla). So here’s the deal with coconut oil – if your ingredients are too cold (ie you just removed the veg and eggs from the fridge), the coconut oil will solidify into small lumps. This isn’t the end of the world, but if it annoys you, let all your ingredients come to room temp before adding the oil).


Add flour and baking powder. Gently combine. Butter a 12-cup muffin tin and scoop ~1/4 cup of batter into each cup. Sprinkle each with a bit of raw sugar, pop into a 180C oven and bake for 15-20 minutes. Remove from oven and cool on a cooling rack.


Enjoy! Printable recipe below.

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